Hey y’all.

Mike here, I know it’s been a while and I really didn’t want to type this blog up, but it’s been weighing on my mind. I’ve meant to type it up but, typing up a bad news, reasons people might not get and honestly IDK who even knows or cares about this comic anymore. I care, a lot and it’s heart breaking to type this up but here we all go.

I have wanted to continue Antares Complex for so, long but I can’t fit it in my life currently. I have daydreamed and written things in my head since I stopped but the truth is I just can’t continue it at the moment. My mom passed on 3 years ago after my brother, dad and I did 10+ years of caregiving, I’ve started up a secondary business with my brother making artisan keycaps, I’ve been doing commissions & then there’s other life things going on that I’m not interested in discussing at the moment. Just know that it’s been a lot to handle over the years and I’ve been trying to rebuild my life after the fallout.

There’s a number of problems, as I said in my previous post that I wanted to get the comic on webtoon but I started this comic so long ago and it was a major, learning experience for me in comic making;  I can’t stress how jank the first issues are in their PSD form. And obviously they don’t look great on the front end either.

But cutting them up would be a hell of a task and honestly I thought of just redoing them, starting from scratch with them with a more cut down, faster paced few issues. But that would be a slippery slope, where would I cut it off? I’d be redoing the entire comic- and I was not lying when I said I have the next issue done in terms of the art. I have SEVERAL, ISSUES, that are done with the art. They’re inked, colored, shaded with no dialog.

“Why is cutting the comic up so important to you? Just continue it!”
The internet has changed a lot in the years I’ve been on it. Years ago you could make a website and get people to it with some work, but as companies have gotten bigger and now if you want to get your art/comic/etc seen? You’re doing it on a major platform like webtoon or whatever. And as I said, the early issues are so rough that I would want to edit them.

And what’s more painful is, my current comic Journey to the Skyline that was meant to be a more simple, easy to do, comic on the side has grown a LOT in terms of both my experience as an artist and popularity- far more than Antares Complex has. Journey to the Skyline has got more people viewing it, it’s made me money & not just cost me money and I hated typing all that up.

I have no idea if anyone remembers this comic or this is even going to get read by anyone. If you know the comic and were looking forward to me continuing it?
I can’t make any promises, I want to, I really do. This comic is special to me, I had a lot of ideas for it, I’ve imagined fun fights, the characters on the adventure still but life has gotten busy and I’m focusing on what I can help sustain myself.

Not everything is negative:
My art has improved dramatically & I do more of it than I think I did before. People actually want to commission me and people have even bought my art on shirts, stickers and such. It’s wild. I’m not huge or anything online but, I’ve never seen this many people actually reacting and enjoying my stuff.
I’m upset that I’m putting the comic on hold till something changes but honestly-

I’m happy, I’m still making art, I’m still learning.
If you’re reading this, I’m sorry stopping the comic but I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you’ll follow my other stuff, or not. But thank you for being there with me.


-Mike Girardin