Hey everyone,

So I thought I had a post up about how I was going to be taking an extended hiatus to sort some things but, there’s this word next to the post that reads “Draft” so I’m going out on a limb and going to say that somehow didn’t get posted. Whether it was my incompetence or a error by WordPress- I can’t say.

But, okay- let me try and get this short as possible!

So, Antares Complex is not dead for one I’m simply ‘taking a break’ which is a lie because I am still working on it but I’m not posting it. What does this mean? I’m still trying to get pages ready and out but I have a lot of projects going on that is making it hard to get these pages out on time as they are taking quite a long time. I have said in the past that I have a buffer and that is true but I do not have the dialog applied & I’m not rushing to get that done- more on that in a minute.

Other projects, like what?
Well for one I work with a small business that I made with my brother. That makes me money and that has to take priority over AC which is 100% unpaid. If you want to help move things along I have a patreon & ko-fi.

As for another I am currently working on a store to sell my art. Given that I’m the ONLY person working on this comic & Journey to the Skyline AND two separate stores? I’m a bit buried to say the least. Also, Journey to the Skyline has to be cut up for webtoon posting.  Why doesn’t Antares Complex get the same treatment? More on that in a sec.

I am also taking care of a family member. I’ve glossed over this in the past but it’s basically 2 people at this point. I’d rather not dive into it but the short is, one is disabled, the other is depressed and I’m trying to make things work for both of them.

Getting back to why I haven’t been rushing to get dialog onto comic pages- Because the current issue I am making art for I’ve been struggling with some issues. I had to rewrite a chunk of it and the issue is VERY effect heavy and it’s slowed me down greatly. So, it burnt me out and is taking a while to get done.

So, why am I not cutting up AC for webtoon?
Well, I hate to put it this way but it’s the honest answer: Antares Complex is a series I’ve been working on for many years and I’ve learned a lot since then. Early issues, the way the documents are set up are chaotic to say the least. I’d have to do a lot of work to cut them up for their format. Also, I’d have to redo every, single, word balloon- which I want to do anyway given I have a new font and I don’t think the formatting is very good.

So, there’s a lot to do and I’m ONE person trying to tackle all of this as fast as I can.

What can you do to help? Well, not much I guess. As I said you can help by making Antares Complex something I am financially motivated to do, faster and you can let me know on twitter if you’re looking forward to reading more.

To some I’m sure this comes off as cynical and maybe at worst- greedy? But look at it from my perspective I am working on this and I have put out over 12 issues, for free. Years and years of work and I am going to do more.

It’s just hard to justify it when I need to earn a living for myself and the job isn’t paying, so I work on it when I can and it’s been a struggle.

Either way, I hope your holidays are going well. I am doing my best to make them good here and I hope you have a merry xmas.