Hey there, welcome to the page of AWESOME SUPPORTERS, who are crazy cool people who’ve decided to help support this comic & my work.

Thank you guys so much for your support, it means a lot to me.

Awesome Supporters:
-George Rottkamp
-Nikolai McFist
-Allen Tagumasi
-Lukas Draxl


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Mo Zi, thank you!


Mo-Zi with TWO ko-fi tips yee~! Thank you!


Thank you Lu for retro goodness:


Thank you Toast Bunny for E.D.F.!!! E.D.F 4.1!edf_anon
Thank you Gundam for No Man’s Sky!


Thanks, Lu! You glorious punk.


Moar games/gifts?! …Well X-mas time and Berfday shortly after.

Thank you Doughboy for getting me Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, I look forward to some classic RPG sytle goodness! Gundam for Wolfenstein: New Order I always love blasting people with guns in games and Nazis are a wonderful target an awesome berfday gift.
Clancy for gifting Starpoint Gemini 2, I love scifi games and this one seems to be a big call back to the Starflight series! Loved that game on the Geneis/Mega Drive.


Thank you to my brother for getting me the Wacom Bamboo feel pen for my Surface Pro 2. I cannot talk this pen up enough, it’s made worlds of difference when working on my tablet. I feel more in control, like there’s more tactile feel to it when making strokes and overall it just makes art far easier to do. It also feels more precise but the specs say it’s the same to the original pen…though the tests I’ve done really don’t show that, the Bamboo Feel pen is way, way better and if you have the Surface Pro 1 or 2, or any Wintab with a wacom pen interface? Get this pen, it’s worth the cost.


Thank you to my cousin Geo for being a damned hero and gifting me Alien: Isolation. Alien and Aliens are my favorite movies made and I don’t say I have favorites often- so I was excited to try this game. I avoided looking at ANYTHING on the game and it’s been scary as heck, but oh so much fun. Thanks cousin, have a look at his fantastic artwork on his deviantart by clicking here.


Thank you “Gundam” for gifting me Shadow of Mordor on steam! I’m eager to try it, haven’t seen anything on it but I know there’s a lot of Orc based murder, which I’m for. You’re too kind my friend.


Thank you Clancy for gifting Dragon Age Inquisition, it’s a birthday gift apparently- an early one as mine is in January but, it’s the thought that counts right? It’s exciting! Here’s my attempt at Neige:

The tomboy rogue with twin blades that have are more often in someone else’s back than on hers. I’m really excited to play this game, I had a lot of technical issues with DA1 and DA2, losing 2 saved games for reasons and DA2 just not liking my computer much- so finally I’m given the chance to play through one of the games. (I’ll likely give the others a shot later down the road again) So thank you for this …4 DVD monster for the PC.


Thank you “Doughboy” for gifting Shantae: Risky’s Revenge on steam!
Was looking forward to playing this one, thank you!


Thank you to Gundam for gifting Resident Evil Revelations & Transistor on steam!
Shooting monsters on one side, giant sword swinging badass girl on the other, I can’t choose what to try first!


Thank you to Gundam for gifting Blood Rayne Betrayal on steam!
You’re a good friend for feeding my blood and gore addiction in game form.



Thanks Delken for gifting Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon on steam!
Apparently he wanted a partner in the insect/alien apolcolypse!


Steam Summer sales?! Nooooooooooo!!

– Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
– Season Pass: Borderlands 2

-Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

2secondopinion / TheTokenRupee
Rayman Origins

Allen Tagumasi:

George Rottkamp:
-Canson 9×12 sketchbook, my favorite brand and size, thanks!

Thank you guys for being super generous, I hope the gifts I gifted back/payed forward will be fun! Game on you glorious bastards! 😀


Thank you Gundam for birthday gifting Mark of the Ninja! I’m crap at stealth games but I’ll do my best …to fail and get caught by every guard and do it all again.

Thank you to 2secondopinion / TheTokenRupee for Intrusion 2: Off the Record you can find his youtube link here or his writing site here: The Pen vs the Sword. Never heard of the game but I can’t wait to play it!

Thank you to Delken for gifting Orcs Must Die 2. I’m a bit late with this thank you but dammit Orcs must Die and it was a struggle to get around them to post this.


Thank you 2secondopinion / TheTokenRupee for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record you can find his youtube link here or his writing site here: The Pen vs the Sword. A bad day turned fun with future zombie head smashing? Thank you very much.


Thank you Gudam for gifting me Deus Ex: Human Revolution via steam. I’ve been looking forward to playing this game and…“I didn’t ask for this!”


A steam sale has appeared! And apparently a wild donator, thank you Gundam for Kingdom of Amalur!

Very generous gift from JP who has decided to go the whole hog and send a physical copy of Battlefield 3 for my birthday. You’re too kind for your own good JP, then again that’s why you’re trying to be a doctor I guess. Just make sure not to leave a kniife in someone, and thank you very much man, I’ll see you on the battlefield!

12/31/2011-After Xmas
After a generous christmas I have to thank a few people for both christmas gifts and early birthday presents, and they’re kind of donations right? Whatever you’d call it!

-Geo thanks for donating RAGE via steam.
-“Gundam” thank you for Renegade Ops+the DLC.
-“Doughboy” thank you for Fallout New Vegas DLC and Hard Reset.
-Clancy thank you for Just Cause 2

I hope you enjoy the gifts back my friends.


Another donation from “Gundam” thank you for donating Saints Row the Third preorder via steam. I’ll back over as many people as possible for you.

Thanks Clancy for donating Sonic Adventure DX via steam. I’d say you’re a kind person but you’re probably just trying to keep me from work. That’s evil, I looked it up.

Thank you “Gundam” for donating Serious Sam 3:BFE preorder via steam! I’ll kill many monsters/aliens/etc for you when it comes out.


Thanks George Rottkamp for the Antares Complex fan art check out his deviantart gallery for more awesome artwork!

“JP” Thank you for donating Portal 2 via steam! Good luck in med-school you awesome jerk!

Thanks “Zenny” for donating 50 dollars! Does it count when it’s a member of Gx3R giving cash to another for good luck? Sure it does.