Other webcomics:

Journey to the Skyline follows the adventures of Cora, Blip and Arlie as they try to save the skylands in a light hearted comic series!
234x60  Heartcore stars a wild demon named Amethyst who went and pissed off the wrong parent. Now she’s being hunted by family and others for the sake of a higher rank.
 PoM_Comic  Piece of Me Slice of life with a bit of otherworldly insanity, sometimes gnomes, sometimes time travel. …Made sense to me at the time.
468x60banner_zpsd74d922f  Demon Archives so, the world got nuked in a war, civilization is struggling to rebuild- not so easy…Hardly seems like the war is over either.
 Z-Banner  ZUKANAUT stars the big bearded Zukah, a lonely alien who’s a bit goofy, bit crazy, bit strong and wants to make up for wasted time by doing his part and helping the people of Earth …and drinking beer.
Proud-to-be-a-WU-banner-teal I’m a proud member of the WCU group, where artists come together to help one another out. A place that is NOT a wasteland of self promo-posts. Wonderful community & a place I’ve met some great artist friends.


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