How did Microsoft, again, not see the poor naming idea here? They didn’t see the Xbox One being called the XBone and here we are, with an even worse name.

Where to even start with this ripoff of a console? I’ll condense this to a list to why this thing is useless:

Keep in mind the date of writing this, but it won’t change all that much honestly.

Hardware wise:
-It lacks a disc drive, and costs $50 dollars more. So, you’re getting less hardware for more money. ($250 for the SAD and $200 for the XB1S). Nevermind many XB1S’s come with games or a controller, some stores even bundling extra.

Software wise:
You lose out on the ability to:

  • Lend
  • Borrow
  • Trade
  • Sell
  • Buy used

Games and movies by buying the SAD, you’re locking yourself into Microsoft’s ecosystem which leaves you with 0 options. A store like Best Buy/Target/ Walmart/Gamestop/etc has a sale? Too bad for you! Hope MS has a sale eventually, where you’ll pay the same price for a digital copy which you can’t sell/buy/le- you get it.

I know some are already saying “this is how gaming is gonna be now, all digital” defending it by pointing at steam and saying “People love that but not the XB1SAD?”.

Well, the big difference is steam lets you buy off of many storefronts. Don’t see a sale on steam? Green Man Gaming, Fanatical, Humble Store all have sales and bundles where you can score games for super cheap. Don’t want to get a game on steam? Try GoG or one of the other launchers out there.
With microsoft? It’s just their store. Only their store. You don’t get a choice. So, 0 competition with pricing, I don’t see that working out very well.

So, that comparison is right out the door.

I get it, some are super into digital because you don’t need to get your fat ass off the couch to swap discs, or go to a store, but there is no denying that paying more money for a console that objectively does less for you is not a good deal. If  all digital is the future? Microsoft better stop doing it so ineptly and figure it out because this is the second, major blunder they’ve had with the XBOX One that involved getting in the way of players enjoying games.