Hey everyone,

As said in the title I’m removing the comments section for Antares Complex. Why? I’m tired of having to log in several times a week to kill spambot comments that are awaiting approval. I had disqus prior to this which I think handled that better, but because they added in ads I decided to opt out of that since this site is supported by Patreons/ko-fi and not ads. I didn’t want people getting the wrong idea about the site.

Why are there so many spam comments? Because wordpress, that’s why. There’s bots that seek out sites using wordpress and actively try to get into it or fill it with spam content.

If my firewall is to be believed, the site in it’s wordpress incarnation has already had thousands of attacks:

Over 5000 attacks on the site

RIGHT then, if you want to leave a comment or interact with me, go to my twitter account: https://twitter.com/Gx3RComics where I’m plenty active.

Sorry if you’re disappointed but, the comments section sees more action from bots pushing bullshit than readers.

As usual I’ll put this out there, drop me some support if you’re feeling generous at my Ko-Fi or Patreon