Hey everyone, I’m aware that you’re aware that I’ve missed a few updates here and there recently and I wanted to address this.

I’m pretty sure I made it clear that I have a decent sized buffer for pages, a lot of them. So I’m sure some might be wondering why have I missed two updates in a row? The pages I’ve been working on with Antares Complex are pretty effect and background heavy so it’s taken me a while to get that sorted. I’ve also been pretty stressed out recently so writing dialog has been a bit of a headache when my head isn’t in the game. So, I’ve missed updates pretty much because I’ve not been able to add the dialog.

The thing is this has been double-difficulty because the last few pages of Journey to the Skyline have also been bg/effect heavy. So I’ve taken small breaks to. . . work on other things. Some fanart, a bit on an animation I’m trying to get done. Yeah, taking a ‘break’ from work to work on something else, it’s dumb I know.

But, I’m not slowing down in terms of making anything but I am just not focused at the moment. I’m going to be back on track soon as I’d like to get to the end of the issue for Antares Complex so I can have the actual normal short break there so I can catch up on dialog and writing.

So, as usual I’m going to plainly state, Antares Complex is not going anywhere, the comic isn’t dead/dying/etc. I have plenty of pages to post that just need finalizing. (wordballoons, text, some special effects, at worst 3D models for ships).


This next part is a bit more in detail for other things, so if you’re not interested in reading that? Then don’t sweat it.

I think part of the stress is that, I was hoping to be a bit further along with some projects here. I was hoping to get one of the two comic series on Comixology or something.

With Antares Complex, the earlier issues are rough both in art and how it’s formatted. I’d have to redo all the dialog. . . Again and take hours to set it up in a format friendly for tablets and such and honestly? I feel like the early issues are so rough no one will be interested and it could likely scare off anyone from being interested in later issues.

With Journey to the Skyline, the comic pages have been set up proper from the start. I have the first issue all set up and done, even have the extras sorted out. I’m just. . . Nervous to proceed, I don’t know the steps required to get it on comixology. I’m sure it’s not so bad but I’m fairly overwhelmed as it is with making all the stuff and I don’t have the cash to pay someone to sort it for me. I’ve heard the process can be a bit annoying, with submissions getting denied for no reason- I say no reason because my friend submitted the same thing, twice and it was accepted the 2nd time no problem.

So, that’s the update,  bit of a sour note on the end there but I’m being honest as possible here. Thanks for reading and if you have any thoughts, let me know.

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