I’m seeing a lot of people tying to explain this away with “Well it just costs $20” but I don’t think that’s a fair assessment . I want to get my thoughts out in full on this really, really dumb online service.

Two things:
1-Saves are hidden on the Switch and there’s no way to back them up except Nintendo’s online service which is paid. So, for no reason, you want to safe guard your saves, something you’ve been able to do as far back as the Game Cube and can be done on their competitors hardware- you gotta pay up.

My problem with this is, I don’t have any use for their online except this feature and yes $20 year isn’t so bad- I don’t care. Why is a basic feature that everyone enjoys everywhere else sporting a fee? Especially when hackers have made software to do this already. Cheaters? Who cares, they’re gonna do it anyway as we’re watching right now.

2- They just announced very pricey NES controllers that are seriously limited to only NES games (I can think of a few indie games they’d work with just fine, but what do I know?). What does this have to do with online? Mike, have you lost it? Are you just bashing for the sake of bashing?

No, the reason I bring this up is because you need the online service to purchase these things and they’re already $60. I saw one defend this as “Well this will stop scalpers” no it won’t. It’ll just make these things MORE expensive when they sell them. No one has done this. Is it to make the online service more appealing? Is it actually an attempt to stop scalpers?

Look, I got a Switch, it’s honestly looking like it may be my favorite handheld. But Nintendo is handling this online thing so bafflingly stupid it’s incredible. Their competitors figured ALL this out years ago, but they’re insisting on going this route? I mean, as far back as the Gamecube you could back up your save games with them- and as far back as the SEGA CD you could back up games! So what are they doing?

I type this up because I’m immensely frustrated that I can’t back up my saves. Someone sits on my Switch, it gets stolen, random hardware failure? All my RPG save data is gone. And I’ve already suffered through that before due to outside problems.

Agh, Nintendo, please make this article out of date and let me back up my saves, please don’t be this thick.