Since I’m sure most are unaware or not following my patreon, (which you can find here ) I figured it’d be a good idea to post an update here on what’s going on with comic updates as of late:
Hey everyone,Everything is okay and fine. What’s going on is this; I’m a bit buried with side projects that have taken up a lot of my time.

One of the things holding me up a bunch is I’ve been trying to get Journey to the Skyline’s first issue ready for 2 things:

1- For selling digitally on Comixology. I wanted to get everything ready for exporting as well as include some extras for those who buy it. There will be NOTHING story related in there. Just extras like concept,  a mini-joke comic and some extra art.

2- I’ve been trying to get the comic exported for Line Webtoons which has it’s on …odd format which requires panels to be exported on 800×1280 image sections. Which sounds easy, till you realize each panel has to be quite large and the font even larger because this is all scaled for mobile. So there’s a lot of tedious, repetitive work that’s gotta go into this.

Why are you doing line webtoons?
Because, everything I’ve experienced over the years and such tells me that having a main website is good and all? But going to a networking site that has a system for all this is drastically better to get your comic viewed.

Are you doing the same thing for Antares Complex?
Absolutely not. I have no plans to do that at the moment. The workload would be way too high for Antares Complex specifically, especially with the earlier issues being VERY jank with how the files are structured in the file. There’s no easy way to do that. My plans for Antares Complex? Comixology when I get the chance.

What else?
For my business (Context: I own a small business with my brother selling some hand made stuff) I’ve been working on getting our site prepped for selling shirts, which I’ve also had to devote attention to. Also, holidays are coming up and there tends to be a surge of sales so I need to make sure that our inventory is buffered enough and we have all the supplies that are required for going into that. There’s 2 people in our small business, my brother and me so there’s a lot of work for the two of us to cover ourselves.

The comics aren’t going anywhere, if anything I’ve been pushing them harder than ever. I’ve just been sidelined pretty hard with work and family and all this having to reformat things.

Nevermind that I have a LOT of the art done to varying degrees for both Antares Complex and Journey to the Skyline. The comics are fine. As we speak I’m adding wordballoons to issue 02 of Journey to the Skyline and I’m sorting some plot stuff for Antares Complex. AC’s issue 14 is already 90% done, it’s just the wordballoons that have to be added in. Which, isn’t hard but it’s tedious and slow.

Anything else?
Yes, I’m also hopefully going to be able to sell some shirts on our store that are comic related. I just want to get all of our music related shirts up and on the site before I think about my comic stuff since it is a store that my brother and I own and I don’t want to pad the site with my personal project stuff..

I’ve been also trying to think of how to restructure my Patreon. I’m not sure it’s well done, that’s what I get for being shy eh?

If you have any questions, fire them over to my Twitter via direct message or comment below. Want to throw me a tip/donation? Well patreon or my ko-fi can help out a great deal!