Hey all, I’ve been hard at work trying to get things ready and it’s taken a bit longer than I expected due to a change in art style and formatting, also …ya know, work. I think things should be moving smoothly from now on.

I was up for like 52 hours trying to get stuff sorted out for my job, nothing I feel like chatting about just know that it made things a lot more tedious than it needed to be…. BAH anyway,

Here’s a look:

Boom! Shit gets real in issue 14!!

As you can see the style has taken a large turn and I think it’s for the better. I honestly fought against this change internally for a long time because… Well I was crap. I wasn’t doing things 100% digitally and I, for the life of me, couldn’t figure out how to get nice, clean, lines on traditional. I’d scan pages in and paint them in photoshop and I thought that the painting style that I did in previous issues fit the more traditional inks in those pages. I did used to make comics like this with more crisp lines and such …but I made all of that in vector/flash/illustrator and that’s a story for ANOTHER day…

What do I mean by formatting change, I looked this up ages ago for a standard comic page size and there were a few options. What I decided here was to go with what I found with Comixology. I’d like to one day get these comics up there and sold with some extras so it’s good to future-proof  I s’pose.

For now;

It’s time to move on to a style that suits me and I think, the series better. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy this and I’ll see you on 9/17 for Issue 14: Electric Bill

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