I know I already said this in a description of the last page but since I know most don’t read that kinda stuff on youtube it’s safe to assume the same here. Maybe.

Okay, so issue 13 is complete, so I’m going to take a month off or so- that’s not a holiday, I’m working on getting pages ready for posting. There’s a lot to be done with a full page comic. If you keep an eye on my deviant art stuff, you might see some other art to keep you busy. OR if you want to check out my NEW COMIC that I haven’t made any post on here yet, you can check out Journey to the Skyline who’s first issue is still going strong, updating every thursday. I’ll probably have a more formal post soon- I totally don’t have a draft just sitting around that I haven’t posted because of anxiety, nooo that’d be absurd.

And, as usual if you want to support and get to see stuff early, check out my patreon where I’m posting all sorts of stuff early. Throw me a tip to help support my work, you’ll get your name on the current running issue and on the donator wall. My patreon or ko-fi for tips.

As I say every hiatus I take, no this isn’t the update that ends the comic, I have a buffer of pages but they need some finalizing and this lets me catch up and have more pages at the ready.