Not sick as like “Nice work man, that’s sick!” no I mean my nose is leaking into my throat, which is now sore because of that. Taking something for it but it’s drying me up and making me lose focus on what I’m trying to do.

I worked on the comic for a bit and only managed 2 panels in pencils in the time it should have been probably the whole thing. I can’t keep focused to the point where I started trying to remake the background for the site and I was like “what, am, I, doing??”. There’s other things site-wise I’d like to get done, new character profile images, finishing character bio’s that aren’t on the damned site as it is. Or just filling out more info in the database.

Annoying that I also feel pretty okay then suddenly 0 energy. Go lay down for an hour. Okay, better, then randomly later egh 0 energy. I’ve already had a similar (but far, far worse) experience with mono years ago-so it’s a familiar annoyance.

Egh. Either way, I’m sorry but I’m not getting an update out this week. I know some might be thinking “But Mike, why don’t you just shut up, relax and play a game?!” because I’m a workahaulic. I played an hour of Tales of Xillia, is that good enough for relaxing?…. Probably not.

Also, I managed to smash my freeze-y mug. You know those cups that have water in the lining? Bloody smashed it on my fridge on accident. There’s one xmas gift in the bin. Two bins actually. :\

Anyway, some good news is … Sonic Mania’s expansion is coming out soon and I’m eagerly awaiting it!