Ah-ah! Don’t panic! Nothing is happening to Antares Complex! I’m still making pages for this comic…as we speak in fact I’m making a planet for a new page.

It’s wildly different from Antares Complex, so I’m not sure how much interest is there for you. BUT, I don’t see the harm in letting you know what it is, what’s up with it and how it effects Antares Complex (it doesn’t! that easy).

Journey to the Skyline is the new comic, it’s launching withing a week or two. (ideally monday) It’s a light hearted cartoon adventure following cartoon animals…think old Disney cartoons I guess? Sonic the Hedgehog? Stuff like that, they’re on a quest which will be revealed in the story.


poster for comic

On a world filled with floating islands, the planet itself long told to be uninhabitable and space running out, the future is uncertain. Cora looks to the stars and sees the future, the only answer to the growing population. So, her and her robot friend Blip work on inventions trying to get that to that dream …between making cars for the city.

Things all go wrong when her latest prototype of a mech goes out of control and well, we’ll see what happens!

Why make a new comic? :
That’s a good question. Thing is I’ve been hearing for …years, that I should be making a cartoon-style comic. “Your cartoon stuff always stands out to me!” is what I hear when trying to get a critique for an Antares Complex page and they spot something I doodled around with. It’s something I wanted to try a few years ago but, another friend with ..eh fairly negative views put me off the idea.

But, that kinda got rekindled when I met some new friends in a comic group (Webcomic Underdogs) and despite knowing them a short while they pretty much started telling me the same thing I was hearing before. OKAY, FINE! You win, I’ll try it. I spent about a year developing the characters, story and here we are, soon to launching a new series.

Also, don’t think I’m doing this just because of peer pressure or whatever. I do like drawing and creating cartoon characters! Otherwise I wouldn’t have a deviantart that has plenty of that sprinkled in the way of fanart. I just wasn’t sure if I could swing it, anxiety is fun right? Either way, I’ll announce here, on my twitter and deviant art when the comic is going live, where you can see it.

Leave a comment by the way, I’m curious what you think about this!