So, on Facebook which I’ve been frequenting less and less for, oh, a number of reasons  which we’ll ignore, I saw a question on a group I follow and it made me think back to an amusing time…In retrospect.

This takes a bit of an explanation before I get to it, but it’s not directly the game that made it memorable…

Okay, so this is years ago. My brother and I were planning on getting an Xbox 360 when it was still pretty new. Dead Rising was just out and we were plenty eager to get it. But we kinda kept putting it off. Why? Well … One was it was expensive and the other I guess was, there wasn’t much else at the time out for it.

I dunno what year it was but, I got sick, really sick. I had mononucleosis and it was baaaaaad, I was exhausted all day, pretty much was in and out of sleeping randomly through out the day. I dunno how long I had it but I struggled to even drink and talk, nevermind eat. My throat was sore, my limbs were sore, I was in pain and it was awful. I had to drop out of college because they had some BS policy about only 2 days of absence were allowed, even with a doctors note. Infact I had to get a doctors note to NOT have to pay for the semester and – …AHEM …That’s another story.

So, yes, VERY sick. To the point where the doctor very concerned and insisting I get put into a hospital soon if I don’t get any better.  My brother, who’s normally has a kinda tough guy/confident attitude is on the phone and hanging/pacing around outside my room one day. Pokes his head in every so often then, walks away keeps talking, does the same. I was fairly delirious at this point from the pain, fading in and out of being awake and such but, he was checking up on me, so I didn’t really get that (till after the fact) Finally he walks in, puts the phone away;

“Hey man uh…I was thinking about getting the Xbox 360. How’s that sound? It’d give you something to do.” All I could do was give a thumbs up, but just laid there “looking like death” according to him. So “Yeah cool, alright, I’ll be back!” he leaves, comes back half an hour later”Hey bro! I got it and the game but, I gotta go to work, you can set it up right? Doesn’t matter just you know, we got it! Cool. See you!” he set the bag down with the new system in it, pointed it toward me and walked out.

It probably took me 5 minutes to get out of bed and over to the chair it was on, 20 minutes to set it up…or more. But I had this unbridled, insane excitement that was buried under fatigue, soreness and all that. I’m a huge tech nerd so the new hardware had me thrilled, nevermind the zombie massacre to come later (the game is actually really hard so, it was more ME being massacred). I didn’t get to play much, didn’t have the energy. But it was a nice gesture…

It only really occurred to me, thinking back on it that it’s the only real time he’s ever SHOWN that level of concern and care. I don’t mean that he’s not cared or been concerned for me. He’s always had my back and I’ve always had his, he literally saved my life when I was a baby from drowning and when I got injured as a kid and was covered in blood head to toe, he ran me to the local store looking for a medkit. So, he’s always had my back but …I dunno if I’m being clear here, it’s just I’ve never seen or felt that kinda thing from him. Usually it’s been more direct and instant. Despite it being a god awful week+ for me, I really do remember that whole thing in a positive way. Everything is a bit hazy about that but I think when he got home he wound up playing a bit for me, finally getting to play the game we were hyped for so long.

But that day he made my week. Is it the best gaming day? I can’t say, but it was pretty memorable for me.