Well, I’m sure you noticed by now or you don’t care that the comments section has been altered on the site, why’s that?

Previously I was using disuqs which was pretty good for what it did and was at least clean. They didn’t have ads until they did- after they promised they’d only advertise on bigger sites. Recently Lu of Piece of Me Comic found ads on his site through disqus. Which they never informed him they were doing!

The thing is they did say they were going to do this but would only be doing this on large websites or sites with a lot of traffic. I really expected them to at least inform the site host if they were going to do something like this but, since they didn’t and offer no real alternative like …paying them (correction in edit) …They’ve convinced me they’re not trustworthy and I’ll be changing the comments to a new system.

EDIT: Apparently they do offer a payment option, at $10 a month I’m not sure I’m interested as that’s about half of the cost of my entire server cost by itself.

I get it, they’re a service and they need support to survive. However… An option to opt into that, or at least being informed they were going to start advertising on your site would have gone a long way. Or, just let us pay a fee or something.

Now, if you’ve seen ads on this site like this? Now you know why. Antares Complex has never, ever been ad support on this site for a few reasons.

1- I think they’re irritating and some often can be sneaky where they’ll have really dodgy ads that’ll try to fool visitors. I really, really hate sites that have ads that try and fool you. “Click here to download” and it’s a bullshit ad and not what you’re actually trying to get.

2- Even if you go with good ad services, they may show visitors ads with viruses. I won’t say which site because it’s less to do with them and more to do with the service but, they’re a pretty well known site and I white listed them on my adblock and 2 weeks later, virus warning. So, me doing that just seems dumb after something like that.

I’d rather do patreon/paypal or ko-fi support for Antares Complex and have it as an option vs potential virus bullshit for my readers.

ANYWAY, it’s not like DISQUS was being used terribly much here and I think I’ll be sticking with the built in one for my website. You may be wondering why I didn’t do this sooner. Well, there’s a lot of bots out there that target wordpress sites. Trying to hack them or post spam comments on them. I had this system up for a few weeks and I think in that time I got 50 spam comments trying to fool me to get past moderation. Really lame attempts like “Nice stuff! Also check out this totally not spam bullshit here at hardcoreXXXasianSchoolGirlsXXX.fart

Wow, what a deal Mr.Notspam! Thanks for informing me of such a great website!

ANYWHO! Just figured I’d let you know why this all changed. If you know of a better comment system, feel free to let me know in the comments below. But, this is the one I think I’ll be sticking with.