I know my last few posts have been ‘kinda negative’ but, I’m going on a positive spin today. No forcing it here either! I’ve been thinking about this and it’s …it’s one of those things that you see online, or rather you don’t see. Where, you’re happy to say negative things but you neglect to say nice things about the people and things you enjoy.

I follow a bunch of artists on twitter and deviantart and it’s been an interesting ride watching all of them kick out new stuff, improving every day. Learning and sharing new tricks while showing off some awesome pics.

I don’t want to call out specifics, because …this would be a 14 page blog post and my fingers just don’t have that kinda stamina to burn only to jump right back into making some comics! Comic artists, pin up artists, cartoonists …ahem, lewd artists, I follow a bunch of them and I wanna say thanks for creating, sharing and know that you’ve made my day better and I know those who are silent also are grateful for what you do. Some of you punks know me and the others sure as heck don’t but, thanks to everyone…and…to er, anyone I might have missed D: <3

Awesome artist punks:
Geo: https://georgerottkamp.deviantart.com/
Lu: https://www.pomcomic.com/
Robo: https://twitter.com/RobaatoX
Shenanimation: http://shenanimation.tumblr.com/
Tara: http://lashiec.com/
Tyson Tan: https://twitter.com/TysonTanX
Drooling Demon: http://droolingdemon.tumblr.com/
Rolicious: https://rolicious.deviantart.com/
Andrew D.: http://awdplace.tumblr.com/
Kinuko: https://twitter.com/kinucakes
& her husband Tyson: https://twitter.com/tyson_hesse

…and anyone I missed.