Hey guys, you may or may not know but I do live streams with my friends, Lu and Rolicious! We work on art, comics while talking about whatever, video games, life, artwork etc. We do so every monday & thursday at around 2:30pm or 3pm eastern time. But, if you didn’t know that and wanna know what you’ve been missing out on? I have a playlist of recordings. I haven’t recorded ALL of them as it was kinda a thing that I thought to do after. Learn as you go, ya know?

The playlist link:

I’m going to give you a warning here, I do work on Antares Complex on this and I’m ahead of the game. So if you’re scared off by spoilers but are interested in hearing what’s up? Well treat it like a podcast then! If you want to come hang out, I post alerts on twitter usually so it’s best to follow me there for updates or stream notifications.

In any case, I just wanted to get it on this site to some capacity that I’m doing this. I was thinking about making blog posts for each one but I wasn’t sure how interested you guys would be since there would be spoilers.

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