Hey guys,

Sorry to say there’s no update this week because this week has been jam packed with crap.

Family member needed to go to the hospital for the second time within 2 months and it was 5 hours mostly in a hallway of the Emergency Room crowded with screaming, crying, security chasing down people drinking booze etc. Said person is fine now and home but there was a lot of bullshit.

For one, the hospital (Nassau University Medical Center) was so comically incompetent that not only did they not feed the person for the duration of their stay but said person was supposed to be discharged after 24 hours but they “could not contact the doctors to get her discharged” so she spent another fucking day unfed in the hospital with no good excuse. We can all be sure that this mistake will be found on the bill with a large number next to it.

Also got to watch someone drink from the hand sanitizer pumps (*contains alcohol) and the nurses did little to stop this person beyond emptying the pump in front of the woman’s room. Quality hospital, I highly recommend it if you hate being cared for, like being lied to and probably charged for their mistakes.

So, not only did she have it ‘fun’, we sure did too. So, just to reassure everyone she’s home and as fine as she can be and is back to doing her thing.

I’m grateful to my cousin Geo who stuck around to keep me sane, we played Disgaea 5 on Switch and some Sonic 3 & Knuckles…so, sane(ish) and entertained! Him & his girlfriend stopped by the next day because they’re super awesome and they certainly helped calm me down.

There was a lot of trouble besides this, mostly involving crap/no sleep and drama with people that could have been avoided but of course had to all fall in at the worst moments.

Annoyingly a Windows Update killed a file I was working on so… I lost work JUST to rub things in.

I’ll probably regret typing this crap up because let’s face it, everyone has life trouble and you guys don’t need to hear it. But this, tied in with a lot of shit I’m not talking about really has burnt me out and I couldn’t swing the page this week.

Sorry everyone.