Hey guys, sorry I’ve been so quiet recently. I’ve had a lot going on recently, more than usual …annoyingly. My friend Lu and me used to stream every Thursday but we’ve both been having some personal issues keeping us from doing our weekly streams.

First of all: Antares Complex as usual is on hiatus since an issue has completed! It’ll be resumed in 2-4 weeks where I can get caught up and some other things related to it done. Specifically I’d like to get my Patreon sorted to have things you’d guys want to get!

The TL:DR version: software issues, jury duty, work, hospital visits.

I had some software trouble on my Surface and tried ‘resetting windows’ which keeps all settings for software & the like but I was still having trouble. So had to a full on reinstall it and everything and get my Clip Studio Paint up to speed with settings. (Which is on sale, get it, GET IT!). Now things are running better than ever, pen feels much nicer than it did a few weeks ago. So that’s good just annoying it took so long to fix. I still have some software to get up and running so I can stream.

More fun, jury duty summons! Some of you know what I do and why this is a major problem. It had me plenty stressed out and thankfully after a full day of being dragged through the slow tar-like system that is the courts I got out of it thankfully so I can concentrate on helping my family who needs it right now. Thanks to my cousin Geo who helped me get there and back and the lawyers who were understanding enough to help out.

The hospital visits were for a family member and they are now doing fine, as good as they can be. I don’t want to bore you guys with the details.

So, where does this leave everything? Well, mostly back to normal really. I’m sure no one is reading this as I know DA blogs can be pretty boring if you’re not super interested in the creator or they’re not about some Llama based give-away but I’ve got some stuff to share anyway.

I haven’t posted about it, but if you’ve followed my streams any you’ll have noticed some recurring characters that aren’t in Antares Complex. So what’s up with that? I’m starting a new comic! Just to stop all 3 of my readers from worrying, it’s NOT replacing Antares Complex! It’s a side project that I’m looking to get on Comixology or something. It’s a comic with it’s own plans and goals but it’s going to be a light-hearted comic series that’s the exact opposite of A.C. Like Shark and Lizard girls on an adventure? Well this has that! I don’t have an estimate when this will be out because I am doing it on the side and it’s taken a learning curve to get my head around it and hey, I’m still learning! As we all should be. Also I don’t have a name for it which is a bit of a problem
Antares Complex is on hiatus as I’ve finished the latest issue and it’ll resume shortly.

But anyway, I’ve gone on long enough. Let me know your thoughts and if I was just being too vague! I try not to give away too much because I want it to be interesting and not like movie trailers which will spoil EVERYTHING.

Thanks for reading all 3 of you and see you in a stream soon I hope!