I’ve been trying to suss out how to post artwork here, I don’t want it going on the comic pages and I’m not sure I can get a image gallery installed with Comic Press! So let’s try it as a blog post eh?


From 2012!!!

Needed to get some art that’s not actually IN the comic done for funs. So we got Neige from the comic series Antares Complex posing here heroically or smugly flexing with the Dagger showing off above her.

Neige is just a fun character to me because all too often I see girls wearing next to nothing in combat rolls (it’s not bad but it’s just too common) so we got Neige here, flexing in body armor and she’s not a skinny girl. She’s got some guns if ya catch me.

Either way this is 1 of a few pics I’ve decided to do with color themes. Obviously this one is red.

Antares Complex © Gx3R / Mike Girardin