First of all, don’t panic! This is a hiatus I do after EVERY issue so I can catch up and get ready for the next issue to start.  Everyone get that? All good? Good!

Hey all,
Antares Complex is on a short 2-3 week hiatus while I set up for the next issue which is a bit more involved as the issue has been done fully in a new software: Clip Studio Paint I gotta just set up a few things since I had photoshop automate a few things before. Is that a big deal? Not REALLY but, I just wanna make exporting pages as smooth as possible…that’s the smallest part of this hiatus. If you want to hear more about what’s involved, let me know in the comments below.
For those supporting me on Patreon (shameless plug) there will be stuff going up on Patreon during the hiatus, so there’s no lull in content there.
ANYWAY, new project. I’ve got something new in the works and it’s comic related but not to Antares Complex. Hold on~! No pitchforks…Yet! It will not effect Antares Complex in anyway but it’ll be something new I’ll be releasing within 1-2 months (maybe sooner? IDK! I’m busting my butt to get all this going.) It’s something I’ve been encouraged to do by friends and family, something more light hearted and dare I say …cute. I’m sorry for being so secretive but I’m weird like that. I like things to be a fun surprise! If you’ve been watching my art streams, you probably have a decent idea since I’ve been working it there.
So, keep your eyes out for that and till then, the next pic will be a bit cute and fan-service-y on patreon.