Over last weekend we lost my uncle Russ Poore who suffered his second heart attack while he was on vacation. He was an artist with a heart of gold and passed before it was his time.

He was one of SEVEN siblings, many of them I haven’t seen in quite some time as that side of the family can be quite …eccentric. He was an artist as many of the Poores are/were. Russ was a painter who could whip up lovely landscapes both realistic and of fantasy.He’s created so many works that I couldn’t possibly manage to get them all here. I only have so many saved and they’re from 10 years ago but they show how ranged he could be with his art:

He loved his work and worked hard on his passion, but he didn’t let that blind him of what went on around him. He inspired & encouraged my brother and myself to get into art themselves, to create , grow and learn as an artist and a person and I’m certain he did the same for my cousins.

He also practically raised one of my cousins as his own son while his own mother and father for years were wrapped up in their own problems and worlds…Sadly leaving my cousin alone most of the time if not for Russ. He would bring my cousin everywhere and anywhere, get him whatever he needed and encouraged him to be himself, free and do what he loves. This cousin  of mine ….whom I wish I got to see more is probably more devastated than anyone else connected to Russ. He was basically a second father.

I only got to see Russ once recently, it was just after his first heart attack and he was on the road to recovery at the time. He was looking better than I heard he was a few weeks prior, but you could tell this hit him hard. Few months later when I heard about the second I was convinced this was the last… I try not to talk about these things but the man really helped out in our family where he could. I don’t feel like I’ve done him justice here in this blog post because frankly I’ve been wrapped up taking care of my own ill family member to the point where I don’t get out often.

He’ll be missed, it doesn’t seem real…. Skilled artist, kind man and a horrible joke master…