Hey guys, my first website related blog post and it’s an apology. So, let’s get into it.

I’ve been a part of a webcomic group on Facebook for a while (click here to check them out) and someone brought up that Disqus was going to get mandatory ads on their comments system so I bailed hard on that. I wasn’t mad at Disqus because, nothin’ is free and if that’s how they want to be funded? That’s fine. But I don’t want anyone here seeing ads on Antares Complex and assuming I’m collecting, that’s not the case. I make NOTHING on the site, infact it costs money with hosting, domain registration, software and such.

If I’m funded by anything for this comic series, I’d rather it be either by fans who want to donate, or by some form of merch where fans can get something for giving something. So I want to avoid any kind of confusion like ads in plugins.
Shameless donation plug here: Donate!

But, apparently that was MOSTLY wrong, for little baby sites like this one? No ads required. It’s larger sites that are affected by this new thing. So, I kinda hit the panic button as did my friend Lu of Piece of Me webcomic and we went looking for alternatives, seeing if we could pay to get around it. But, no! We worried over nothing.

So, comment! Comment away on any page you like! ..Unless you’re one of the 500 spambots trying to get through about penis pills or whatever. Then you can just bugger off. :V


So, comment on a comic to let me know whatcha liked or comment below to tell me you prefer facebook’s comment system so I have more reason to slam my hand in my desk drawer!