Hey guys so, I love technology so here’s a bit of a blog/rant on my jump to the NEXT GENERATION OF GAMING…(If you don’t count my WiiU)

I’ve had every Playstation iteration till recently, I found a hell of a deal this black friday and some deals aside from that. I got a PS4 Slim + Uncharted 4, Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank for $250, even better my brother went half in on it. One more deal later and our library expanded with the Uncharted Collection & Gravity Rush Remastered.

I opted not to bother for the PS4 Pro since this deal was FAR better than spending $400 for just the console alone, that and the PS4 Pro is …comically useless, I’d argue even if you had a 4kTV. But EITHER WAY since my brother went in half I couldn’t pass up the deal, good thing too since it sold out fast.

I haven’t had too much time to mess with my new device since the holidays have been slamming me around like crazy with work but I’ve had some time to enjoy the unit. Let me share my thoughts! :V

So firstly the interface is changed on the PS4, I liked the PS3’s XMB but it seems SONY wanted to cram some ads and icons for services which irks me. I bought the damned thing and I don’t want ads on my home page, even to services. I don’t want their streaming service, their music service and especially not PS+ just to play games on the thing. That’s what consoles have been to me, things to slap a game disc or movie disc in and enjoy something fast and dirty.

Either way, the games I got to try were Uncharted 2, great on PS3 and even nicer on PS4 since the framerate is now 60 (which is important to me) and the visuals are lightly touched up. The collection is a bit bare-bones and doesn’t include anything else like dev documentaries but that’s fine, 3 awesome games and I’m looking forward to playing them with my cousin!

Ratchet and Clank I’m less impressed by…The writing is far less cynical, or as good and the characters never, shut, up. I’m not sure I’ve heard more than 5 minutes of music in the game, or much of the gunfire. Characters just keep talking and agh. I’ve got EVERY main game in the series and I LOVE them. The real shame is the game runs at 30fps, and this isn’t a bloody PC Master Race thing, every game in the series runs at 60 minus the original title. It makes the animation look all the more pretty and the game that much more responsive.
It’s by no means a bad game, it’s just disappointing…I’m probably most of the way through and I have to say it’s the least impressive of all the games I’ve played. It’s still fun and I like it just ..bah. It’s a shame, still worth getting if you see it for cheap.

One thing that impresses me is that they have a sleep mode like handheld game devices which I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE. It’s something that made the Disgaea series playable for me, since diving into item world could be the better part of 2-3 hours it’s nice to be able to stop when you need to or give yourself a break. The interface is also snappier and store is way more responsive (though it still sucks to navigate). The controller is FAR better than the PS3’s with it’s crappy triggers and it’s only ..major shortcoming is the battery life is laughable. I’m not sure I’ve seen battery life this poor since the 360’s crap battery packs.

One thing that I do want to touch on later is a lot of the exclusives and games that I got are …remakes or remasters. Which is really telling and damning of this generation of devices, especially when Sony and MS both said backward compatibility was both unwanted and added extra cost to devices. Which they obviously make up by reselling. But, that’s another blog rant.

I may talk more on this later but, for now I’m happy with my purchase. For …$140 or so I got a PS4 Slim and all the games I had an interest in, and I’m sure there’s more to come in time.

Let me know if you guys have a console, what you do with them and if you like or dislike them and why! Thanks for reading and stay awesome.

-Mike G