What is this thing, what the heck can it do and oh God what is in store for Neige and Ansgar?!


Unfortunately this is where I have to say there’s going to be an extended hiatus while I try and sort some things out for Antares Complex & Journey to the Skyline.

Antares Complex is NOT, GOING, ANYWHERE. I have more pages with the art complete, they need the text & word balloons applied and some special effects as well.

There’s a lot of action & effects heavy pages that take far longer to complete. And seeing as I’m the only one making these pages & I also need to do other things to make some money, it’s a bit hard to directly focus on the comic at the moment.

If you want to support the series you can jab me on ko-fi or patreon with your support where I’ll try and get it out sooner rather than later. I’ll try to explain this more plainly in a blog post but it’s nothing serious. I’ll get this series back as soon as I can, probably a bit longer than a regular hiatus but I don’t want to directly promise anything.