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Welcome to the new Antares Complex website! Home to the original sci-fi comic series following the Dagger and her crew issue by issue. I'm Mike the creator, if you'd like more information click here. New pages are uploaded on Mondays and I hope you enjoy the comic! Doc Nash tries to comfort Neige in a ...rather roundabout way.

Page 39, the final page of issue 9 is up! IMPORTANT NEWS:
There will be a 2-3 week hiatus while I catch up with updates and UPGRADE THE ENTIRE WEBSITE

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Page 39 is up, click here to check that out!

Where's the esurance spy when you need her?

Page 38 is up, click here to check that out!

I don't think I blame her here, that's a pretty hard thing to explain.

Page 37 is up, click here to check that out!

This night keeps getting worse.

Page 36 is up, click here to check that out!

First update of the month! Seems the creature in the wall was more scared than Neige ...well maybe not at the end.

Page 35 is up, click here to check that out!

Apologies for the delay, I wasn't expecting to be hauled out for some family thing monday, but it happened!

Okay, now things have officially gotten out of hand with the shadows!

Page 33 & 34 are up, click here to check that out!

Apologies for the delay, I wasn't expecting to be hauled out for some family thing monday, but it happened!

Without a weapon, Neige is in a bad spot. She's got no leverage and she has no idea who, or what is grabbing her.

Page 32 is up, click here to check that out!

No such thing as the Boogyman but there is such a thing as not being okay with a monster in the wall...This isn't going to go well.

Page 31 is up, click here to check that out!

Happy 4th of July! New page to go with your fire works and booze! ...Wait, is anyone even here? Hey! Heeey! D:

New page, Neige bottles up her courage and tests to see if she's crazy or if someone is messing with her... Page 30 is up, click here to check that out!

New page! Neige confronts wall. What's going on here? Page 29 is up, click here to check that out!

New donations! ...In the form of games. I guess I shouldn't have opened my mouth about trying out Let's Plays and a rough 2 weeks haha....ahhh....well, ahem, allow me to update the donator wall for the first time in a while!

If you want to support the comic, you canDonate Via Paypal! or via Patreon! You to can find yourself being thanked on the WALL OF GENEROUS PUNKS! Thanks so much, everyone for their support! :)

Thanks Clancy for the game donation! ...I think? D:
Thanks, Lu! You glorious punk.




Conrad tries the jealocy act against Neige? He's got bad timing with what's going on.

Page 28 is up, click here to check that out!

Um...Two page update? Okay I dunno what happened but last weeks page apparently didn't actually upload?

Guys if something like that happens let me know! I only found out now, on the next update cycle.

Conrad and Neige leave the wacky ass hospital and well Conrad gets to bragging to his 'girlfriend'. This page was originally going to be part of issue 10 but there simply weren't enough pages in the issue, so they've been compressed together! ...Which is going to throw off a lot of my numbers behind the scenes, OH, WELL.

Page 26 & 27 is up, click here to check that out!


Less stressful week but I've had more on my plate than usual. BUT I got the page ready in the end. Neige checks out of the hospital with a lot on her mind.

Page 26 is up, click here to check that out!

Holy crap this was a bit of a panic week, I had to reinstall windows and clear out my C drive, was really out of space and couldn't seem to get the space I needed. Well turns out I didn't back some important plugins and software up! GAHHH! So, today I'm just happy this update got out. I took a day off on memorial day, apologies for the delay!

Also DOOM 4 is pretty amazing. Er, ahem.... Page 25 is up, click here to check that out!

Well time to get out of the creepy doctors office when ...oh, now that is weird . Page 24 is up!

Things seem to have calmed down now that she talked it out... Page 23 is up here!

Everything continues getting weird, the doc tries to calm her down. Latest page is RIGHT HERE!

First off, I wanted to let you guys know that I fixed my Patreon page. If you want to support, now you truely can since the thing is properly set up to take support donations.

Because now it works <3
Or, donate via Paypal to help me afford stuff, like burgers to shove into my stupid face.

COMIC UPDATE TOO!? We finally see what's going on ...Kind of, what the hell IS going on? SPOOKY UPDATE HERE!

New page, take a deep breath, be calm and ... What's she seeing? Latest page is RIGHT HERE!

Also updated page 17 to make the text flow better.

Sorry about the missed update guys, got two pages to make up for it this time! I moved rooms and I didn't have access to my files so, was entirely impossible to update the site. But, enough about that! Check two new pages here in page 17 & 18!

First comic page of the month! Something strange is going on, is the hospital haunted? Check it out here in page 16!

Two page bonus today! Why? I meant to do one on the 5th birthday of this comic but I didn't because oops! Page 14 & 15 are here!

Taking Toji's injuries hard, Neige wonders what she could have done differently? Page 13 is here!

Doc Nash tries to comfort Neige in a ...rather roundabout way. Page 12!

Antares Complex is FIVE YEARS OLD TODAY. That's crazy! Really really crazy. I haven't counted, but I'm sure that it's nearing 200 or more pages. GAAHH :| Much excitement, much scifi.
TO CELEBRATE, have some art, click for full view:

Here's to 5 years and many more! Unless I get hit by a bus, in which case I deeply apologize.

Toji is alive ...but he's gonna need a lot more work, see that in page Page 11!

Other updates: Fixed all the dates this year to be 2016, derp.
Fixed the comic page of the site, the header was pushed down by other links.


Not all is lost thankfully... Toji may be alright in Page 10!

Neige just woke up from a hell of a dream, annoying language mis-communication and then now she's forgetting something, jeeze what?? Either way, here's, Page 09!

Another kitsumari! FOX COP, Page 08 here!

Febuary continues and so does issue 09! We have page Page 07 here!

Happy Feburary everyone! ...I thought it was still January...Anyway, uh yes Neige's new 'friend' is apparently happy to watch over her. Check that out here in Page 06

It's monday, that means Garfield is pissed and you get a comic! ..No not Garfield come back! I mean Antares Complex! There's a new page right here! ... Page 05

We find out where Neige is today in pages 3 and 4 and it's not the colony that's for sure... Today's latest pages

Today issue 09 starts space captains! Two pages for the start of this comic, and no that's not including the cover and credits, what kinda punk do you think I am?! Today's page is here! Issue 9! BOOM!

Just a small update to say I'm still alive! Update the site to fix a bug or two, updated by adding some new graphics and such. New comic is starting soon!

Last page in issue 8 goes up today...Late!Blame the holidays and work. BOOM! In todays latest page right here.

I'll be taking a short hiatus to try and keep up with work and making comic pages. As I've said every time I do this, no this isn't a dead comic hiatus, I have much of the art done! It just needs to be processed into ready pages and ...ya know I'd like to spend SOME time with my family this xmas. I'll be sure to post anything else I make on my twitter / deviantart and such.

Stay warm you chilly space captains! <3


Louis has more going on than we knew it seems! His friend on Miranda makes a appearance and she's In todays latest page right here.

Latest page, Louis is still getting an earful, he screwed up big time. In todays latest page right here.


Sorry guys, no update today. Going through a bit of a rough patch and just need time to think, the update will go up during the week or I'll see if I can swing a two page update next Saturday. If you want more details on the situation, click here.

Thanks guys, hope you understand and I'll see you soon I hope.

Louis' confidence isn't making an appearance when in the presence of a higher ranking Aeonis. He knows he screwed up in today's page.

Also added, a page for donators in the comic! Donate via patreon or paypal.

Uh-oh...He lives. This isn't good.

Happy Halloween everyone! Got a page and some new art! So I hope yer happy! in today's latest page: page 33!

An explosion of power and anger in today's latest page: page 32!

Something is going on with Neige she's looking a bit dif- oh ...Nevermind..: Something has gone wrong in Antares Complex page 31!

Ever talk to someone and they say one thing that sets you off? That's todays page summed up: Check the latest Antares Complex page 30, here!!


First update of october! And there's BLOOD to be seen in todays page so you know I'm plenty happy. I'm also looking to know what Neige should be for this years halloween image, leave a comment on today's latest page for your suggestion: page 30!

The Aeonis as usual don't shut up and Neige makes the fight bloody. This guy is insanely persistant but he doesn't seem to have the same healing power as Louis. Check it here in: page 29!


The fight is off to a rough start but, sniper rifle vs sword, battle of the ages! ...Well maybe not. page 28!



Neige finally finds her 'friend' some ground after riding his back knee drop style to the basement. They make these Aeonis cult guys strong in page 27!

Some fanart I did of Metroid!

Samus pew pew! by Gx3RComics on DeviantArt


Hey space captains, I'm back with Neige taking the Aeonis express elevator to the basement in today's latest page!

As to last week's problems: my aunt is okay for now. She needs to cut out the smoking that's for sure. I wasn't able to visit her due to the nature of the problems down here. My sister and father went up to see them while I stayed here and held the fort down. I really wish I could have gone but we got someone ill down here too who needs supervision and no one was around otherwise.


8/27/2015-Family emergency:
Hello everyone, there's no update this week. My aunt had a heart attack and it's shaken up my family quite a bit. She's okay at the moment but I just can't squeeze an update in.

I apologize deeply, the comic will continue very soon, I have updates nearly ready to go, but just no time to swing the update. She lives upstate (3 hours trip) with the rest of her family and a portion of us here will be visiting while I may likely be home keeping an eye on the disabled family member here. Or I may go depending on the situation.

Sister is in town which should have made things easier, instead there's some heads butting and I'm just ...nevermind, anyway...sorry guys I hope you can forgive me, I'm just ....seeya next update hopefully.


Hide n' seek is over, and that's not good for him Page 25, click to see!

Site updates:
Added characters to the database, fixed a broken link on Neige's character page.

The chase resumes after that confusing bit on Page 24, click to see!

August already? What th- when? In todays pages a dragon is trying to take a bite out of our captian and then suddenly ....intervention?! Page 22 & 23 are here, click to see!



If you're new here:
This comic series has been running for a few years already, the site just got a major overhaul so updates look sparce but here is a complete history of all updates: Old update history.