Welcome to the new Antares Complex website!

Should be much nicer in some ways and a bit less shiny in others. I’m sure it’s infinity more mobile friendly, not to mention just a better comic viewer over all. All pages are 16% larger and higher res, with new fonts and corrected spelling, grammar and altered dialogue. Some pages have had some better effects added or been slightly altered.

This took a LOT of work and a lot of time.

So, shameless plug: if you’d like to help me and the comic out, support the comic: Paypal or my Patreon.

Let me know via the contact form if you have seen any problems. The site still has ways to go, I have to suss out a art page/media page and I plan to have a blog you can follow. I hope you like the new site and you’ll enjoy the new content.


Thanks for checking it out everyone.

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Issue 01 Bloody Recon